Thursday, April 30, 2009

5 New books featuring my work!

PAPER tear fold rip crease cut:
Available end of the month from Black dog Publications

Papercraft, design and art with paper
Available in September from Gestalten

Sight and Architecture / Point of view and Idea
Available from Graphic-shaPublishing

England, Germany and Japan! woohoo!

I'm also hard at work on two new books of my own for this summer. One is a book of paper craft with designs to cut and fold. The other is a coloring book. Both should be out mid summer!. YES!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My new job!

I've been at the University of Michigan for 3 years and I've been just been promoted! I'm now working for the DHARMA Initiative! So far I've been folding paper and helping the engineers with designing magnets. They don't tell me me too much, but they like me and soon they say I'll get to go on a submarine!

It's sort of top secret but I don't think they would mind me posting a few pictures.

This is my new desk. They moved me from the school of engineering to this basement in another building. I had to sign all these release forms before moving down there.

The Dharma people keep having me build these models for some stations or something. This one has to do with magnets.

I can't believe they let me drive the van to central campus. Spring time in Ann Arbor! This van smells like beer and has an 8 track player.

When I came back with the van this guy had spray painted the number 15 on my cat. Lily was so confused. He said he needed to borrow her for a moment, I'm sure she will be ok.

After lunch we sat and watched the monitors for a few hours. totally boooring.

Monday, April 6, 2009


My students are awesome.

The lack of wind did not stop us from having a killer kite festival this past Sunday.

The Llyod Hall Scholars show off their kites.

The 3D design students from Washtenaw Community College hard at work.

Jaleesa tries to capture a tiny Jeremy in her net-like kite.

Grace's ghost kite hovers above an unsuspecting Christina.

Without the wind, we had to run to get the lift we needed.

Families from the community also came to fly kites.

Earlier at WCC we test our kites. Here the wind is on our side.