Friday, September 14, 2007

more S + L images

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Front page Michigan Daily

First page of the art section

Benjamin Teague - Plate Work

Thea Eck - Mining the Field Series

Tom DeLooza - Geo/Ethnocentrism

Michelle Word - Diaphanous, Confluence, Inchoate

Nicole Marroquin - Meiosis Squash Demonstrate the Imaginary World Inside My Breasts When I was Pregnant With a Female Child: The Future Is Now.

Patricia Olynyk - Touch

Teresa Petersen - Fission and Fusion

Jada Schumacher, Design Orange - haze chandelier

Jen Stark - Papermation

Kristin Kurzawa - Specimen

Heather Lowe - Demurable, Cumulus , Ameliorant

Anne Mondro - Sarcinae de Corpus 02.48

Richard Nelipovich - Emergent Tableware

Richard Nelipovich - Emergent Tableware (detail)

Dennis Hayes IV - Log-o installation #1 (detail)

Dennis Hayes IV - Log-o installation #1 (detail)

HEIDI KUMAO - “Time to Make a Decision” from the series, “Saving Time” & Personalized “egg timers”: My Minute, Your Minute, time to Change My Mind, Time between Panic Attacks, Untitled. All from the series, “Saving Time”

George Hrycun - Evanescence

Vojtěch Kubašta - The Tournament

Michael Flynn, - Title: Magnetoscope

George W. Hart - Eights

John Chwekun - Untitled

John Chwekun - Untitled (view 2)

C.J. Minard - Napoleon's March to Moscow

Saturday, September 8, 2007

S + L opening pictures!

Last night the Studio and the Lab show opened at the WORK gallery.
The turn out was unbelievable- check out some photos below.

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Dennis Hayes scales a wall to take an overhead picture of the opening

Onlookers swarm Michael Flynn's "Magnetoscope". C.J. Minard's Map - "Napoleon's March to Moscow", "Geo/Ethnocentrism" photo by Tom DeLooza, and Nicole Marroquin's - "Meiosis Squash Demonstrate the Imaginary World Inside My Breasts When I was Pregnant With a Female Child: The Future Is Now" pictured behind.

Designer/Craftsman Richard Nelipovich (pretends to) listen as Matthew Shlian explains his theory that the moon is getting closer to the earth. Michael Paradise is lulled to sleep in foreground.

George Hart shows his polyhedral mastery in the gallery window.

Viewers are drawn to Dennis Hayes IV's "Log-o" installation at the front of the gallery.

A close up of IV's piece.

Jason Keenan inspects a Kubasta Pop-up book.

Jason Keenan works the "magnetoscope".

Matthew Shlian and Thea Eck

Thank you to all the artists participating in the show! If you have more pictures from the opening send them to me!! More photos will be posted soon.

Matthew Shlian

Thursday, September 6, 2007

s + l opening


The Studio and the Lab show is gearing up for its opening this Friday
September 7th at the WORK gallery from 6-9pm. If you are in the Ann
Arbor area stop by and check out the work from various Artists,
Scientists and Engineers.

Looking at the intersection of Art and Science, we have ferro-fluid,
algorithmic based flatware, electron microscopy, remnants from the
northwest passage, maps from the 1800's, an original Kubasta pop up
book, systematic drawing, polyhedral models, synthetic hair and super
glue construction and more!

Hope to see you Friday night.

Matthew Shlian

The show will remain open Sept 7 - Oct 5th
WORK gallery 306 S. State street
Ann Arbor, MI
University of Michigan School of Art and Design