Friday, September 14, 2007

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Front page Michigan Daily

First page of the art section

Benjamin Teague - Plate Work

Thea Eck - Mining the Field Series

Tom DeLooza - Geo/Ethnocentrism

Michelle Word - Diaphanous, Confluence, Inchoate

Nicole Marroquin - Meiosis Squash Demonstrate the Imaginary World Inside My Breasts When I was Pregnant With a Female Child: The Future Is Now.

Patricia Olynyk - Touch

Teresa Petersen - Fission and Fusion

Jada Schumacher, Design Orange - haze chandelier

Jen Stark - Papermation

Kristin Kurzawa - Specimen

Heather Lowe - Demurable, Cumulus , Ameliorant

Anne Mondro - Sarcinae de Corpus 02.48

Richard Nelipovich - Emergent Tableware

Richard Nelipovich - Emergent Tableware (detail)

Dennis Hayes IV - Log-o installation #1 (detail)

Dennis Hayes IV - Log-o installation #1 (detail)

HEIDI KUMAO - “Time to Make a Decision” from the series, “Saving Time” & Personalized “egg timers”: My Minute, Your Minute, time to Change My Mind, Time between Panic Attacks, Untitled. All from the series, “Saving Time”

George Hrycun - Evanescence

Vojtěch Kubašta - The Tournament

Michael Flynn, - Title: Magnetoscope

George W. Hart - Eights

John Chwekun - Untitled

John Chwekun - Untitled (view 2)

C.J. Minard - Napoleon's March to Moscow

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