Monday, April 21, 2008

new work / kite flying

I gave a talk last week at Fort Wayne Indiana and after talking about paper folding and printmaking for an hour they asked me what I'm currently working on.
I'm making beats for the Olympics.
...more news on that as it unfolds-

But I do still fold paper and make drawings and prints,
some evidence:

this was made yesterday:

paper engineering 101 update:

As a final assignment in Paper Engineering I had asked students to design a kite from paper. I gave them some resources and had them research different kite designs. We defined a kite in out own way- it needed to get off the ground (fly) and not be a unicorn.

Our final class at u of m

Erin showing us how it's done

my overly-designed kite made from tyvek

the rain did not stop us

my kite in action

My other class is working with balloons. Hundreds of twist balloons. Our installation goes up this week and I'll be sure to upload some images very soon.


Chris H said...

You know as i sit here a bit tipsy from an evening of drinking... I cant believe we are at this point in our lives where your a university professor in a class you basically created and I'm in nyc living off the connections and knowledge I've made in the last 5 years... Wow what a ride...

Cheers to you and hell, us...

ps going to matt a's show tomorrow wish you and thea were around to come with us...

sticker said...