Saturday, August 29, 2009

Robots etc

The first 100 copies of PAPERCUTS have sold out and I'm waiting for the second shipment to arrive. You can purchase it right now at the robot store in Ann Arbor, the DIA Beacon in New York and a few other museums around the country next week, but why wait?- get it direct from the source here.

I have major plans on winning this artprize in grand rapids. So much so that I've enlisted the help of electronics gurus Conor Peterson and Bob Stack for robotic and installation help. I have 24 feet of robotic Tyvek and 2 mad scientists. I hope that check for $250,000 is a giant novelty check.

I'll be at the Detroit Institute of Art showing my work and folding some paper October 11th. Come stop by and say hello from 12 -4.

I'll be at the robot store (aka 826 michigan) in Ann Arbor on liberty street October 3rd offering a free workshop for kids in celebration of the Where the Wild things Are movie. Space is limited and we will be making sweet monster pop ups. Visit 826 here and sign up!

I'll be representing Michigan in a 50 artist show at the Eclipse Gallery in Wisconsin in September.
Collapsible paper represent!

I'm also in a show at the Florida craftsman called scissors: pop up. Check them out here.

Lastly, Gestalten is starting to promote their new book called papercraft- check out this animation!!!! Thrilled to be in the book, can't wait to see it.

School begins next week and I'm excited to meet all my new students! This year is going to rock.


eclipse gallery said...

Wow you're busy!! Your work arrived here safe and sound, glad to have it in the show.

Matt said...

That's awesome Sarah. Please shoot some documentation for me of the show!