Thursday, January 28, 2010

a day in the life of matt shlian 1.28.2010

My cat alarm clock goes off at about 6:30.

After feeding the alarm clock I stumble in the dark to the bathroom.

If you are reading an email from me there is a 90% chance I wrote it from the bathroom. The ipod has changed the way I do business. I'd like to have a bathroom office someday...

Enter the studio and put out any small fires from clients / students and prepare for the day

The new signage in Ann Arbor is very prominent. Kamilah compared it to a hands on museum display. I like it for its bluntness.

The sun starts to show up on my morning commute. Today I teach 3D design at WCC.

#3 Bus to Ypsi is 35 minutes too long than it needs to be but I do get a tour of the VA hospital and Huron Valley Highschool. I've also met some bizarre characters along the way.

WCC is a frozen tundra of learning.

My classroom is a windowless one point perspective room in the TI building.

Before my students show up I watch a bit of the state of the union.

I wonder who's office is inside the men's bathroom at Wastenaw Community college. I don't have an office at WCC and wonder if it would be a good or bad thing to have a bathroom office.

At the student union, It's fur coat weather.

Back in Ann Arbor I drop off my last copy of PAPERCUTS to be shipped out. Time to re-up the 3rd order!

It is so cold.

Stop by Sparrows in Kerrytown to pick up some food.

Stop in to Kosmos for a quick lunch. Ate here 2 weeks ago with Bob Stack and kept thinking about the bibimbop since then. so good. Soon there will be a giant robot here, with food coming out of its mouth. Bob Stack is a genius.

Back in the studio after lunch I finish this piece Ive been working on. Lily helps.

Mostly she just watches the birds.

Document and Photoshop the piece. Tony Hepburn once told me "you are not your artwork, you are the digital representation of your artwork". Yes, I am rocking CS1. They made fun of me at siggraph this past summer for using CS1. It's not the tool, its how you use it. I still use Auto cad from '93.

Take a break and read a bit of Oscar Wao's wonderful life. It feels like a gabriel garcia marquez novel...I'm about 1/2 way through and ready for some magical realism to show up. I have a verona habit and eat too many.

This results in a nap. lily is all about it.

Brave the cold to see the Stamps lecture at the Michigan Theater. With the wind it is far below 0.

Dave Hickey is speaking for FREE!!!

Dave Hickey is incendiary. He questions the idea of an arts education at a University. Addresses the role of professors, students and Administration. It is like listening to your texan grampa go off and talk shit. He is brilliant. I get to meet him afterward and he signs my copy of Air Guitar.

Run into Ben Teague after the lecture, man I love that guy.

Walking home I always like this piece under the bridge by the YMCA. There are tons of toy throw ups in Ann arbor, but no one has gone over this piece.

Double full moon or something pretty close to it.

Come home, eat some leftovers and watch a few episodes of season 5 of lost. I am so ready to get back on the island in season six.

Thats it I'm out and ready for Freshmen friday @ U of M TMP2!!

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