Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TEDx @ Ann Arbor and Solo show at Cranbrook!!

I have a solo show at Cranbrook (Kingswood) this March! 1st- 19th. Come say Hi.

I've been invited to speak at the Ted Talks in Ann Arbor on April 10th! It's at the Biomedical Science Research Building in the Pringle-shaped Auditorium. Tickets should be free.
I'll most likely talk about cat camouflage or my work, it could go either way.
Details on both events to follow


Dave Parker said...

That is a beautiful sculpture. I assume, because it's outdoors, and in the fountain, it's not paper?

Christina Sirakos said...

Hey Matt. Nice work! Didn't know you were in Michigan. I teach in Bloomfield Hills. I will try to catch your show at Cranbrook. Look me up.

Matt said...

It's made from tyvek but Its not in the fountain. that's just a photoshopped picture.
Christina! How are you! where are you teaching? email me info at matthewshlian@gmail.com lets eat somewhere.