Sunday, August 1, 2010

TEDx video now online!

I'm very funny.

Matt Shlian - “Implications of Paper Folding” from TedEx 6 on Vimeo.


nickAD said...

GREAT talk! Loved it, and obviously the crowd did too. Super job. :)

paulstickland said...

Hi Matt,
Just been watching your Ted video, fascinating and funny!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your talk at Ignite on Tues! I have no artistic talent or real interest in learning how to do what you do, but I was really fascinated by all of it. You are a great speaker and your work is impressive. Thanks for taking the time to speak and for introducing my husband and I to something we had never heard of!

Molly said...

What was the robotics website where you can apply for a reisdency? it's around the 16 min mark, I couldn't quite make out what you said. Great talk, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Artist in residence program