Thursday, March 24, 2011


Featured in this months Étapes!
page 14- anyone want to translate for me :)?


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N said...

it's something like that : (sorry for the mistakes or the nonsense here)

After several hours, Matt Schlian cover the white page with geometrics patterns. In his drawing, he studies the movement of the line, suggest with a stroke the birth of a shape and let the viewer to understand the space. In the manner of "Drift" - which is a serie of errors and collisions between the strokes of a Bic pen, a compass and autocad - the american artist confuses us by using differents medium. The viewer will be mistaken by the detailled precision !
In 12 morning glory lane, the view of a ground become a waving surface of crossing/meeting lines.
The lettering, impossible to decrypt, is feeling like a picture : Matt Schlian created a new language.

Something like that :)