Saturday, May 14, 2011

My students are amazing

Our class visits special collections to see the Univeristy of Michigan's pop up book collection.

Artist book by Karen Lee

Amber Kao

Bryant Yee. Somebody give this guy a job already.

Lindsay Balfour

Shifra Whiteman

Chad Killeen

Chris Parker

Lisa Sauvé

Andrew Aulerich

Lisa Sauvé and Andrew Andrew Aulerich

Mai Truong

Lauren Korany

Thought I would share some student work from this past semester.
My advanced paper classes at U of M School of Art and Design had students from freshmen through grad students in architecture and dance. We made cards, pop up books, egg packaging, wearables... As you can see I was blown away. Pics of Festifools parade by the talented Melissa Squires.


Dug said...

Beautiful stuff!

Mic Flynn said...

I love the egg cups and the flying squirrel super hero!