Saturday, January 21, 2012


On sabbatical for the first time this semester.
Working on projects for P&G, a collaboration for Ghostly, and a few large scale things...


Molly said...

Matt! I posted a long time ago asking if you would come to VCU to speak. Well, I told my chair about it and she said she'd put you on a list of potential artists. She said the list was very long, so you probably wouldn't be asked to speak until after I graduate (this May). But! I am applying to go to Penland this summer to take your class! I am super excited to see that you're going to be there!! I noticed on the website that it said that you needed a studio assistant! I don't really have any paper engineering experience, but I am a super quick learner and generally an awesome (person) assistant. I don't know how this works, but I just wanted to offer up my services because 1) I am fascinated by and love your work and 2) can't really afford to go to Penland unless everything is paid for. =P

Have a wonderful day/week/month/year!

--Molly U.

Matt said...

molly, send me your email

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